NuTeslais dedicated to providing safe, effective and affordable resonant frequency based Bioelectronic Instruments to improve your sleep, interrupt harmful electromagnetic radiation and pollution (EMR), peak your performance, increase your wellness and integrate mind, body and spirit. NuTesla Technologies are built on the resonant energy and scalar wave discoveries of Nikola Tesla.


Quantum Cranial Advantage – A Novel Method to Improve Cerebral Processing and Increase Resistance to Mind Control

Repeated self-administered Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF) frequency measurements and subsequent mild noninvasive transcranial electromagnetic stimulation at the individual’s measured CFF frequency may increase an individual’s cranial processing speed.

Recent scholarly articles about Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF) and research in applying ElectroMagnetic (EM) signals to stimulate the brain have illuminated new insights on enhancing both mental and physical capabilities. Science and medicine are rediscovering Electromedicine using Bioelectronics to gain a deeper understanding of how the human mind operates and how to influence it. Elevating the mind to this new level of awareness and functioning is what NuTesla calls the Quantum Cranial Advantage (QCA).

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Somnius for SleepClarius for Clearing
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UC_AfternoonUltradian Clock for Windows Now Available – Free Download!

NuTesla has launched the first-ever Ultradian Clock, shown to the right, a free Windows based application that displays both your daily Circadian Rhythm and multiple Ultradian Rhythms. UltraClock also displays your next Peak Performance and Low Resting Periods so you can plan your day accordingly. UltraClock is available for download on SimplyCircadian.

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NuTesla’s founders are intimately familiar with the ravages of disease and failures of conventional medicine to even alleviate symptoms in many cases. Their personal experiences, and those for whom they have cared, are the driving forces behind Rhythmedics®, the science of protecting and restoring our body’s Circadian Rhythms to improve the quality of our lives. Using a Fibonacci number Quartz Crystal as the fundamental element to generate the healthy Bio-Pulses at the heart of all NuTesla’s products assures each bioelectronic instrument is engineered to be naturally healthy. All NuTesla instruments include Critical Flicker Fusion frequency measurement, reporting and therapy to objectively measure your body’s response to our amazing technologies.

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Download Frequencies that Heal and Frequencies that Kill

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Restoring Circadian Rhythms with all NuTesla Instruments

Circadian Rhythms are the results of our body’s Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN) regulating vital cellular processes. As we age our SCN, or biological clock, slows down and our ultradian rhythmic patterns flatten. Naturally occurring and man-made EMR can disrupt our clock. The results are often less restorative sleep, less energy during waking periods, slower metabolism making it harder to maintain a healthy weight and sluggish thought processes. Rhythmedics® is the solution.
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