NuTesla Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is NuTesla?
What are Bio-Pulses?
What are Circadian Rhythms?
How do I protect myself from ElectroMagnetic Pollution?
What is a Fibonacci Number?
What is my Wellness Number?
What Rhythmedics instruments are available from NuTesla?
What features are common to all NuTesla instruments?

What is NuTesla?

NuTesla is a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing frequency based therapeutic instruments which combine the scalar frequency and resonant energy discoveries of Nikola Tesla with today’s leading edge technologies. (Nu is the Greek letter for frequency)

  • Who was Nikola Tesla?
  • Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor, scientist, and contemporary of Thomas Edison. Tesla was the Father of the modern Industrial Age and the actual inventor of the radio. Tesla brought AC power to our homes and businesses and was granted many hundreds of US patents in his lifetime. He understood vibrational resonances occur in all matter and how very small amounts of resonant energy can have very large effects.

  • What is vibrational resonance?
  • Vibrational resonance is the natural frequency of an object, whether something mechanical like a tuning fork or organic like the cells in your body. Mild resonant energies can stimulate objects of the same frequency using sympathetic vibrations. Strong and repetitive resonant energies can break apart molecular bonds, for example when an opera singer breaks a crystal goblet by singing its resonant frequency.

  • How does resonance apply to wellness therapy?
  • All the cells in your body have a natural frequency or healthy vibration. When cells or organs in your body are not at their optimal state their frequency is altered. The electromagnetic Bio-Pulses™ produced by NuTesla’s instruments help shift the out-of-tune frequencies back to healthy vibrations. The science of applying resonant frequencies in therapeutic settings is known as Rhythmedics®, and is the trademarked name of the technology NuTesla uses in all of its instruments.

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What are Bio-Pulses?

Bio-Pulses are precise pulses of scalar wave electromagnetic energy at specific frequencies which produce sympathetic vibrations to restore healthy frequencies in living (bio) organisms, including your body. Bio-Pulses encourage homeostasis by stimulating the resonant energies in healthy cells and helping to shift out-of-tune vibrations back into healthy frequencies.

  • What is electromagnetism?
  • Electricity and magnetism are two of the primal forces of the universe and are inseparable; you cannot have one without the other. When you pass electricity through a conductor it generates a magnetic field around the conductor. If you pass a magnet near a conductor it causes electrical current to flow in that conductor. Electromagnetism is the term that represents these two forces linked together. Electromagnetism also exists in our bodies. Our brain sends electrical impulses through neurons to tissues to control them. All cellular activities are the result of electrical charges moving atoms and molecules between and within our cells.

  • What is homeostasis?
  • Homeostasis is a stable, healthy condition where cellular growth and repair are occurring at a balanced pace in accordance with a person’s circadian rhythm

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What are Circadian Rhythms?

    The term circadian rhythm was coined by Dr. Franz Halberg in the 1950’s when he discovered our cellular processes occurred at regular times each day. Circa is Latin for “about”, and dian means “a day”. This “about a day” rhythm repeats each day and is comprised of shorter ultradian rhythms.

  • What are ultradian rhythms?
  • Each night we have repeating sleep cycles ranging from deep sleep to dream sleep. We have similar cycles during our waking hours. These cycles are our ultradian rhythms, which are a result of our internal biological clocks. This system of internal clocks regulates critical cellular processes including the production of proteins for repair and growth. This production of proteins only occurs at the beginning of each ultradian rhythm.

  • Don’t these rhythms just happen?
  • Our body’s rhythms occur naturally in healthy individuals, but can be affected by ElectroMagnetic Pollution or Interference (EMI). EMI can disrupt our internal clocks, affecting our body’s rhythms and preventing us from producing the proteins we need for the balanced growth and repair of homeostasis.

  • What causes ElectroMagnetic Pollution?
  • ElectroMagnetic Pollution or Interference is emitted from man-made sources such as high-voltage power lines and the abundance of electronic devices which surround us. While any one source of EMI may not adversely affect you, being constantly bombarded by multiple EMI polluters can interfere with your internal clock, preventing homeostasis.

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How do I protect myself from ElectroMagnetic Pollution?

Avoiding exposure to electromagnetic sources is your best protection. Failing avoidance, all Rhythmedics instruments produce Bio-Pulses to interrupt potentially harmful EMR Pollution, while generating time queuing signals to re-synchronize your internal clock.

  • How can Bio-Pulses affect my internal clock?

Bio-Pulses use the frequencies of brainwave activity that occur during our waking and sleeping periods following natural ultradian cycles. This results in brainwave entrainment and helps restore the central timekeeping mechanism in our body.

  • What is brainwave entrainment?

Whenever we are subjected to a repetitive stimulus our brain begins to synchronize with the external signal. Many of us have experienced this when becoming entranced by a flickering flame or the sound of a dripping faucet. Bio-Pulses have a similar effect, but with no sensory awareness of the stimulus.

  • How are Bio-Pulses different from other man-made signals?

Bio-Pulses are very low power, time-varying square waves of short duration which are generated by a precise quartz crystal timing element with a fundamental frequency less than 1% from a Fibonacci number.

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What is a Fibonacci number?

Fibonacci numbers are a naturally occurring sequence where the previous two numbers are added to create the next number in the sequence. This sequence occurs throughout nature and can be seen in the number of petals on many flowers or the increasing number of seeds in each successive circumference of a sunflower seedpod. As this sequence grows, the ratio between two adjacent Fibonacci numbers approaches the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion known as Phi (pronounced fee), which also occurs throughout nature.

  • What is Phi?

Phi is the ratio of 1.618 to 1 and is observed in nature. Each successive chamber in a nautilus shell is Phi (1.618) times greater in radius than the previous. Growth notches on plant stems are Phi times further apart than the newer growth. Phi can also be found in what is referred to as “junk DNA”, strands of nucleic acid base-pairs that make up the steps in the double helix ladder of our DNA, which do not decode to any known protein sequences. These strands of junk DNA are believed to provide supra-resonances in our DNA to balance its structure. Phi is also found in many forms of sacred geometry.

  • What is sacred geometry?

Sacred symbols have different meanings for each person, yet all convey man’s attempts to unlock the secrets of the universe. Ratios of Phi as well as other forms of sacred geometry are incorporated into NuTesla instruments. Rhythmedics uses these etched gold symbols on its instruments to affect the emitted energies, shaping and refining them. Even when the instruments are powered off the sacred symbols are effective in opening energy blockages.

  • What are energy blockages?

Our bodies depend upon the unimpeded flow of energies to function optimally. A pinched nerve is not only painful, but prevents the brain from communicating with that part of the body. Our nervous system is only one of the energy systems in our bodies. Acupuncture accesses our body’s energy meridians and is used to both block and open these less obvious, but just as real, energy pathways. Energy blockages can occur as a result of injuries and traumas on all levels, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, and all can impede the flow of life force energies. Even after an injury has healed, scar tissue can interfere with the flow of energy. Rhythmedics instruments are designed to unblock these pathways while improving your Wellness Number.

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What is my Wellness Number?

Your Wellness Number is a also known as Flicker fusion which occurs when a rapidly flashing light appears to be on steadily. The point at which the flashes fuse into a steady light is know as the critical flicker fusion frequency and is unique to each person. It has been shown that higher fusion frequencies indicate improved wellness. While you cannot compare your Wellness Number to someone else’s, by knowing your number and its trends you can determine your overall wellness. You can actually use your Wellness Number to shift yourself from a state of poor health to improved health.

  • Do NuTesla instruments use my Wellness Number?

All NuTesla instruments include the ability to measure, report, and apply your unique Wellness Number to assist you in assessing your wellness and in restoring balance to your energy systems.

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What Rhythmedics instruments are available?

NuTesla has released Somnius, Clarius, Metronome, Pendulum and Tesla Jewels. nutesla-product-selection-matrix-sept-2016

  • What is a Somnius?

Somnius is NuTesla’s sleep instrument which operates by inducing brainwave entrainment following natural sleep ultradian rhythms. Somnius is placed under your pillow or mattress and is powered by a simple USB phone charger. Somnius is left on and runs continuously to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer whenever you lie down on your bed. Available Now!

  • What is a Clarius?

Clarius is NuTesla’s anytime clarity instrument which induces higher functioning brainwave activity to improve focus, clarity, and attention, while helping you to relax naturally. Clarius produces waking period ultradian rhythms in support of the body’s internal clock. Clarius is intended to be used in the workplace and can be powered by a computer’s USB port, or even used in the car with an optional USB car charger. Available Now!

  • What is a Metronome?

Metronome is NuTesla’s compact rechargeable wellness instrument. Just as musicians’ metronomes help keep their music on time, so Rhythmedics’ Metronome helps keep your body running on time with a variety of wellness and health programs. Metronome runs a user selected repeating 90 minute therapy program for six iterations before turning off to conserve its rechargeable batteries. It is intended to be used next to the body and carried with you throughout your day. Available Now!

  • What is a Pendulum?

Pendulum is NuTesla’s 24 hour health maintenance instrument. Just as a classic pendulum keeps a mechanical clock running on time, so Rhythmedics’ Pendulum keeps your body on time 24 hours a day. The Pendulum is meant to be worn on a necklace or light chain around your neck, enabling its motion detector to automatically support your internal rhythms from waking to sleeping, and from meditation to high activity as
you move through your daily life. Available Now!

  • What are Tesla Jewels?

Tesla Jewels were created to improve the integration of mind, body and spirit by the harmonious resonance of broad spectrum electromagnetic energies from light wavelengths to audible range frequencies. Tesla Jewels are powered by a standard USB port on your laptop or desktop computer, or with its included USB Mini-B power adapter. Its unique integration of scalar emitters in line with the four elemental primary colors of light pulsing at Rife and Solfeggio frequencies creates an Ultradian pattern of Scalar-Phi energies supporting new levels of integration and harmony. Available Now!

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What features are common to all NuTesla instruments?

  1. Fibonacci quartz crystal for the fundamental timing element to support the Golden Ratio
  2. Bio-Pulses to support healthy ultradian rhythms and interrupt EMI Pollution
  3. Personal Wellness Number testing, reporting, and therapy for objective wellness tracking and maintenance
  4. Sacred geometry made of gold, nickel and copper metals are incorporated into the designs to further refine their already clean energies
  5. USB 2.0 connectivity for simple to perform updates and enhancements, and integration with web content
  6. All products have been certified by NuTesla as safe and conform to applicable safety standards for both emissions and immunity to ElectroMagnetic Pollution

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