One year later, with more unanswered questions and sealed records we still don’t know why a promising neuroscience student turned into a mass murderer in Aurora, CO[1][2]. Amidst allegations of mind control and Holmes’ earlier experimentation with Flicker Fusion[3] and Computer Programs for the same purpose, looms the question of whether or not this could be real. Can someone control your mind and force you to do things against your will? And if so, what can be done to prevent it?

One of the tools used in mind control experiments[4] is known as flicker fusion. Its most common form goes back to subliminal messages[5] flashed between frames in a movie. Our eyes have persistence of vision, which acts like short term visual memory. Instead of seeing individual movie frames, persistence of vision makes us think we are seeing fluid motion when there is none. Television has a similar trait, where the image is ‘traced’ on to the display in a rapid scan; usually two full scans are interlaced 30 times a second. This gives the appearance of movement from successive static images displayed for only a fraction of a second, so the conscious mind ‘ignores’ the message appearing for only one frame, but the subconscious mind still registers it.

Is it possible for a message that is only flashed for a fraction of a second to even register in our mind? I learned it could with Evelyn Woods’ Speed Reading Dynamics. In order to increase our reading speed we had to learn to let go of the habit of seeing, recognizing and then saying each word in our mind as we looked at a page. To help us realize we could simply look at a full page of words and ‘read’ them in bulk, the instructor used a projector to flash a jumbled set of words on the screen too quickly to be consciously discernible. Yet we learned, and experienced firsthand the ability of the human mind to take those brief flashes of jumbled words and not only recognize them but also put them into the correct order.

Even if no messages are flashed during a movie or television broadcast, the rate at which the screens refresh has been shown to entrain alpha[6] brainwave activity. This level of brainwave entrainment can literally turn down your nervous system, and is the reason why it is so difficult to get someone’s attention when they are ‘glued’ to the TV. Alpha brainwaves increase right-brain activity, diminishing left-brain analytical thinking. This also increases the internal release of endorphins[7], so you feel good watching TV. When it’s off you experience withdrawals and want more.

So, you’re thinking, just turn off the TV to avoid this form of mind control. It’s not that simple. As it turns out brainwave entrainment can occur with non-sensory electromagnetic signals as well. Brainwave monitoring of test subjects exposed to mild electromagnetic pulses in the same frequency range as flickering from movies and TV, can induce the same entrainment. These are pulses you cannot hear, see, touch, smell or feel, yet they can affect your central nervous system, which of course affects the rest of your body.

During the Cold War, when Russia was experimenting with EM mind control techniques[8], American leaders were provided a small device to wear around their neck to make them immune to EM mind control. It used their personal Flicker Fusion Frequency (FFF) to reinforce their own will over that of some outside influence. Unfortunately you won’t find anything published about this device. Fortunately though, I met one of the inventors while testing a prototype Rhythmedics® Pendulum™ in early 2008[9]. When he saw the Pendulum it reminded him of the cold-war era FFF device and he related how it was used some 30 years earlier.

He explained the device was a little larger than a 9V battery and had a locking knob or dial on top, with a red light that was used to determine a person’s FFF. The wearer was instructed to determine his or her personal frequency three times a day and wear the device afterwards. This was done by removing the device from around his or her neck and pulling up on the knob/dial to unlock it, which turned on the red light. The person was to then stare into the red light and turn the dial one way to increase the flashing frequency and the other to slow the flashing. Once he or she had adjusted the frequency to the point where the flashing light fused into a constantly illuminated light the knob/dial was pressed down to lock it in place and turn off the light. With the light off the frequency was diverted to an internal coil that emitted EM pulses matching his or her FFF, which it turns out are in the Beta range of brainwaves. The wearer placed the device back around his or her neck and wore it until the next adjustment time.

The pulsing of the internal coil continued for some 30 to 60 minutes, long enough to reinforce the wearer’s personal FFF that had just been determined and set. As I listened to his explanation I wondered how this could have worked and afterwards threw myself into a rampant study of FFF to discern if this was indeed something real. As it turns out FFF has been understood and used for a variety of physiological and psychological measurements since the early 1900s[10][11], but little had been done to further the research in the past 50 years. Being able to measure and track your FFF provides an objective method to measure and track your overall wellness, as a higher FFF indicates a higher level of awareness, metabolism and wellness. FFF has been a standard feature in all Rhythmedics instruments since 2008 and it is called your Personal Wellness Number. But I still didn’t understand how this could improve someone’s immunity to EM mind control.

While I had learned of subliminal messaging techniques embedded between frames in motion pictures or television, it wasn’t until information starting coming out about the massacre in Aurora, CO. that I made the connection between Flicker Fusion and mind control. Flicker fusion should not be used synonymously with mind control. Mind control can be accomplished with a number of techniques and the phenomenon of FFF and persistence of vision is just one of them. The key is that when our central nervous system is affected by any repetitive stimulus, brainwave entrainment can occur. Subliminal messages are flashed at intervals, not with every frame. One of the most effective rates of influence is 45 times a minute, or once every 32 frames in a 24 frame per second motion picture.

Using flicker fusion techniques allows opening the brain for suggestions from outside. On the other hand our personal Flicker Fusion Frequency is much higher than alpha brainwaves, usually closer to 45 times a second, and at this higher frequency our brain becomes immune to the lower alpha stimulations. These higher rates entrain Beta wave activity which is associated with cognitive left-brain activities. This higher level of brainwave activity shields us from the lower frequency interruptive attempts to shift us from left to right side brain activity.

To better explain how different brainwave frequencies can affect us, Rhythmedics Somnius™ for sleep uses Alpha brainwave frequencies in the range of 6 to 8 Hertz (cycles per second) at the beginning and ending of each Ultradian sleep cycle that extends from 110 to 75 minutes. From Alpha waves the frequencies decrease to Theta (3-5 Hertz) which is light sleep and then into Delta waves (below 2.5 Hertz) for deep sleep in the middle of the cycle. The frequencies then increase from Delta to Theta to Alpha by the end of each Ultradian sleep cycle as can been seen in the chart below.
Deep Sleep Frequency Profile
Rhythmedics Clarius™, intended for daytime clarity, uses some Alpha waves for relaxing portions of the programs, but is almost entirely based on high frequency Beta waves, and their higher harmonics, to encourage left brain functioning. There is more to the science of Rhythmedics than which frequencies are used, but this gives you an idea of ranges used to achieve different levels of entrainment. Most importantly, Rhythmedics entrainment is designed to always increase a person’s immunity to mind control, not make you more susceptible. The field of Bio-Pulses emitted by each instrument creates an active barrier to outside mind control signals. Each product’s User Guide has an Appendix that graphically represents the frequencies and times for each of the preset programs.

Rhythmedics Pendulum™ is the instrument most like the mind control immunity device explained above, but made with the latest microprocessor, rechargeable batteries, modern coils and manufacturing techniques to provide 24×7 coverage with FFF measuring and protection.

There are a number of research documents available on NuTesla’s Research Documents webpage under the Your Personal Wellness Number and Critical Flicker Fusion heading if you want to read more about how this phenomenon can be used to enhance your personal wellness and improve your immunity to mind control. Click here to learn more about Rhythmedics Rife based wellness instruments that combine FFF with Fibonacci number fundamental frequencies to generate ultradian restoring and EMR interrupting Bio-Pulses.



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