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All NuTesla Instruments are based on our patented technologies, inspired by the original resonant energy and frequency discoveries of Nikola Tesla. The therapeutic use of electrical currents began long before the Christian Era but it wasn’t until Nikola Tesla discovered in the late 1880’s how alternating currents of high potential could be effectively applied in healing situations that Electromedicine emerged as a standard of medical practice. Unfortunately, one of the Tesla’s greatest gifts to humanity was quashed by those who could not understand the simplicity of its operations and influences on living bodies.

The discovery of semiconductors in the 1950s saw the reemergence of Electromedicine with the development of the first cardiac pacemaker in 1960. Research in the field of Electromedicine has boomed within the last thirty years. Dr. Robert O. Becker was one of the premier physicians and authors studying energy medicine in the past century. In 2004 he wrote: “We are now in the process of revising the past century’s biochemical concept, under which all major life processes are chemical in nature, to one that proposes that such processes are electromagnetic in nature. Because the practice of medicine is a direct descendant of each new scientific paradigm we now have energy medicine as an alternative to chemical medicine. This new paradigm rests quite solidly on the fact that all chemical reactions are basically electrical or electromagnetic in nature.” Stephen Hawking noted in A Brief History of Time, “the universal force of electromagnetism controls all biological response”.

This new blending of biology and electronics is now referred to as Bioelectronics. NuTesla is a leader in the field of Bioelectronics, applying the wisdom of the ages with the latest technologies to address the health and wellness challenges of a changing world.

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