History of Rhythmedics®


Rhythmedics® was developed by NuTesla as the next generation of bioelectronic instruments to assist the body by generating precise resonant frequencies. This resonance affects the informational energy systems of our bodies, helping achieve healthy homeostasis. Rhythmedics has been and continues to be used and studied in a wide range of therapeutic applications from massage and physical therapy, joint and muscle health and recovery to sleep and alertness challenges. Our studies have shown Rhythmedics to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and awaken feeling refreshed and revitalized; improve alertness, attentiveness, focus and retention; improve therapeutic response during massage and physical therapy resulting in increased comfort and relaxation. Rhythmedics provides this resonant frequency homeopathic therapy in our patented Bio-Pulses.History of Rhythmedics 1

Rhythmedics’ Genesis

After surviving cancer twice, James D. Honeycutt, co-founder of NuTesla, began studying ways to help others facing serious health problems. Using the recorded experiences associated with the use of electromagnetic devices and the methodologies James became impressed with understanding why some devices had helped and others had not. He believed even those that had helped could be improved, be made simpler to operate and produced to be more affordable.

Research and Testing

EHTEK acquired a variety of the then available electromagnetic therapy devices to identify which ones were effective and for those that were, what Electromagnetic Wave Measurementcould have contributed to their effectiveness. All of the electromagnetic therapy devices acquired had several disadvantages. Generally, the effective personal use devices were expensive, costing at the time $1,500 and more. Even with training they were still difficult to use, required specific procedural steps or ancillary devices to be effective and to ensure they were safely administered. Professional devices required a trained therapist to administer the treatment, extensive training for personal use, or surgical implantation and were over ten times more expensive. Some devices used transcutaneous or subcutaneous electrodes to administer electrical impulses (sometimes emitting uncomfortable shocks) to the patient. Further, their use was invasive into the daily routine for both healthy and ill individuals.

The acquired Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices researched fell into one of four categories;

Large E VoltageThe first category were high energy devices that produce a large E (voltage) field, some measuring over 45,000 volts and emitted through a plasma, neon or other special gas tube or specially constructed bifilar wound coils. This included devices like the Rife Ray Machine or others based on Tesla’s neon tube invention and generally worked to destroy pathogens and microbes.

Electrical Shock & Current EmissionsThe second category were those devices which produced an electrical shock through low current emissions through direct contact with the skin, and is some cases measured the skin’s resistance to provide user feedback. This included devices such as the Russian made SCENAR and US made Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) units.

Light emitting diodes, visible & invisible light rangesThe third category was devices that used LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in both the visible and infrared range of light energies that pulsed at specific frequencies and were designed to relieve pain. This included so called ‘cold lasers’ and infrared mats.

Water as a transfer medium, foot bathThe fourth category was those devices that used water as the transfer medium of the healing vibrational energies and purportedly were able to flush toxins out of the body through the skin submerged in the water. This included ionizing footbaths.

The second and fourth category devices were the only ones found to help in alleviating symptoms of James’ late wife associated with reduced mobility and partial paralysis occurring from the advancing cancer.

The testing and research included studying the types of wave forms, which frequency or frequencies to use and whether such frequencies should be pure or include harmonics of the fundamentals. Some devices Wave Length Testingused pure, sinusoidal wave frequencies; whereas others used saw-tooth or other irregular waves in order to be rich in harmonics. This extensive research and testing determined which wave forms, frequencies, and levels to use to be both effective and safe.

After studying these devices we had one overriding goal; developing truly effective products which had to be simple. They must be simple to use, simple to understand and simple to acquire. Bio-Pulse Circadian Rhythm based productsWe discovered a number of non-obvious and novel methods to overcome the disadvantages in existing electromagnetic therapy devices resulting in new ways to generate the best wave forms, frequencies, and levels.

The first generation of EnergyWave products was marketed under the name of Naventus. While these were safe and effective, the products either had to be plugged into a wall outlet for power, or if they used batteries, the battery life was shorter than desired. Rhythmedics was the next generation of products based upon a more precise and focused resonant frequency energy allowing most products to be battery powered. The Rhythmedics family of Bio-Pulse Circadian Rhythm based products is the result of this research and development. NuTesla was formed to bring these exciting new products to the consumer.

Early Naventus Products

Rhythmedics family of Bio-Pulse Therapy products are based upon Naventus EnergyWave products. The first Naventus product developed was the Water Footbath device.

This simple version was based on a category-four device that was tested and proved to be effective reducing excessive swelling in feet, ankles, and lower legs. Purportedly, this device was drawing toxins and removed Pathogens from bodypathogens out of the subject’s body through an energy transfer in a water footbath that generated an electrical field between parallel metal disks (electrodes) that looked like large flat metal washers. The device also turned the water brown to orange in color after a typical 30 minute treatment, sold for over $1,500USD and required administration by a trained therapist or extensive personal training. It required a foot tub to be filled with fresh water and the washing of the subject’s feet at the conclusion of the treatment to remove the sludge that came out during the treatment.

Extensive testing later revealed the discoloration was principally due to electroplating effects of the metals used in the electrodes submersed in the water with the subject’s feet, and not the result of toxins removed from the body. Changing the metal ElectrodesBy changing the metal in the electrodes the color of the post-therapy water would change to match the oxidized color of the electrodes. Copper produced green, silver produced white, etc.

However, the overall positive results in testing this device led to the development of the first Naventus product, the water footbath therapy device. Unlike the device tested by EHTEK, Naventus used carbon rods as the electrodes, as carbon is an inert element naturally occurring in our bodies. By reversing the polarity through the carbon rod electrodes there is no electroplating nor any harmful elements plated out into the water. Naventus also added infrared and visible long wavelength visible light energies and active fluctuating magnetic fields to the water based energies. The result was a multimodal EnergyWave therapy device that was simple to use and very effective.

Many lessons learned during its development contributed to creating Rhythmedics core technologies. The energy emitters create multiple vibrational energy fields transmitted to the body through the medium of not only the water, but also through multiple wavelengths of light and Rhythmedics unique Alternating Polarity Magnetic Waves called Bio-Pulses.

Improving Sleep

The second product developed was for use during sleeping and napping. Concurrent with the development of the water footbath device were concerns with reducing the EMR pollution resulting from the widespread use of 60 Hz (or 50 Hz in Europe) Alternating Current (AC) devices throughout our homes and work places. James began investigating methods to cancel the harmful effects in household appliances as reported by University of Washington researchers. They decided to try creating a subtle magnetic field using low cost, widely available flat ribbon cable wrapped around a user’s bed to form a multiple winding coil.

Sleep TestingTesting began by sleeping on the bed equipped with the flat ribbon cable operated by the Naventus water footbath controller. The test subjects slept well and reported awakening feeling refreshed and energized. One test subject who had insomnia reported she slept through the night for the first time in several years. The overall results of the studies showed test subjects slept better with the device than without it, and reported having more energy the morning after. Men and women who were plagued by frequent nighttime urination episodes reported having fewer episodes during the night. Several test subjects with restless leg syndrome reported significantly less leg discomfort and much improved sleep. In general all the participants, whether using the water footbath or sleep mat, reported a more healthy feeling and reduced effects of stress.

Of particular interest was that the sleep mat test subjects reported similar health benefits as did the water footbath test subjects, yet the sleep mat method was far less intrusive into the daily routines of the test subjects, increasing their tendency to use the device. This was one of the goals, and thus we focused on the sleep mat application, reserving the water footbath method for specific complaints.

He determined the sleep mat needed to generate natural Circadian Rhythms to improve the sleep cycles of the test subjects, rather than just support a single frequency throughout the night. generate natural Circadian Rhythms to improve the sleep cyclesThis way the sleep mat would follow the natural brainwave frequencies occurring during normal sleep cycles and allowed for inserting additional healing frequencies during the REM cycles. A microprocessor was incorporated into the design allowing customized sleep and healing programs to be created, as the current sleep products support.

Sleep Waver - Natural Sleep PatternsThe result was the Naventus SleepWaver™ which was placed under the mattress and used during sleep and rest periods. It operates non-invasively, generating harmonic rich active-fluctuating magnetic waves with its unique Circadian Rhythm entrainment abilities, aiding people to sleep better. NuTesla has taken this to the next level with the Rhythmedics Somnius™ sleep system, which is even smaller in size and with a more capable microprocessor its software follows an even more natural sleep cycle. You can learn more about Somnius on MySomnius.com.

Another discovery was the use of low power, bipolar magnetic fields, in the extremely low frequency range of the EM spectrum. All of the other electromagnetic therapy devices tested used a unidirectional current flow, simply turning the current on and off to create the expanding and collapsing magnetic field. James wanted to find a way to invoke a physiological response in the subject without causing any harm and by using the least amount of energy to do so. The criticality of this is represented in the 1987 World Health Organization’s report on the safe levels of such fields. Consequently, all Rhythmedics personal devices operate on a very low level of magnetic flux, below 10 milliGauss, being equivalent to 1 microTesla at 3 Hz and 4 inches from the body. Hence, Rhythmedics is referred to as a homeopathic device, as such levels are more than five hundred times lower than the thresholds necessary to cause any measurable biological effects reported by the World Health Organization occurring at 500 to 5,000 microTeslas at 3 Hz, and more than ten thousand times lower than 1 to 10 Teslas at 3 Hz reported to be hazardous levels. Yet Rhythmedics has proven to be effective in improving sleep, increasing comfort and promoting wellness.

Improving Attention and Focus

Improving sleep is important, but we’re awake most of the time, or should be at least. Clarius was developed to improve daytime clarity and focus and is the companion product to Somnius. Clarius creates a 12 foot diameter field, which expands the longer it is left operating in a fixed location, that interrupts harmful EMR and restores daytime ultradian rhythms to increases alertness and attentiveness when awake. Clarius includes programs for using while meditating or relaxing as well as wellness specific programming. You can learn more about Clarius on MyClarius.com.

Integrating Mind. Body and Spirit

Tesla Jewels are based on Rhythmatiques®, and extension of Rhythmedics using near coherent LEDs in conjunction with the Bio-Pulse emitters. The jewels were developed in response to request from the Autism Spectrum community and as a result they are designed to not only raise awareness and help integrate mind, body and spirit, Tesla Jewels can be used to create clearer and higher energies in your home or office. You can learn more about Tesla Jewels on TeslaJewels.com.

Going Professional

The third product group developed was the Professional Series that support all the features of the other products and includes a wider range of functionality and programmability which requires specialized training to adequately utilize its many capabilities. These products are designed to be used by massage practitioners, physical therapists and physicians. Professional Grade Rhythmedics for Therapists & PractitionersThis product group grew out of interest in using the sleep mat during massage therapy. A series of higher intensity therapeutic programs were developed to address the typical complaints of most massage recipients. NuTherapy was invented as a result of this research. In this setting, Rhythmedics not only relaxes the muscles faster than with massage alone, it also reduces the pain associated with stretching out sore and stiff muscles. Even clients with arthritis reported their joints hurt less with Rhythmedics. The primary professional product offered will be the Millennius™ and early information can be found on MyMillennius.com.

The results from using Rhythmedics in massage therapy led to expanded testing of the sleep mat for more therapeutic uses. Testers were sought out that had specific chronic health concerns beyond insomnia. These included fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, Prostatitus, Multiple Sclerosis, menopause, Parkinson’s, paralysis, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, stroke recovery, and others where conventional treatments had failed to improve their health. To date the results have been very promising. A key element of good health and recovering from an illness or injury is getting a good night’s sleep. Recent articles in medical journals have illustrated this important fact.

Getting Personal

The fourth product group developed was a series of personal use, handheld devices which provides a focused treatment field of multiple wavelengths of active-fluctuating magnetic fields for specific problem areas, including sore muscles and joints. This resulted in the Metronome™. This rechargeable battery powered handheld product provides focused, active Bio-Pulse therapy in a repeating hour to 90 minute sessions. It be placed under the clothing and held in place with a flexible non-adhesive bandage. For lower back pain it can be started and placed inside the waistband against the painful area. You can learn more about Metronome here.

Continual Pacing and Self-learning

NuTesla has taken these to the next level with the Pendulum™ for 24 hour a day circadian pacing. Pendulum Plus is a rechargeable battery powered personal wellness instrument that you wear like a pendant. It has an internal motion and position sensor to automatically adjust its programming to support your activity level whether awake or asleep. You can learn more about Pendulum Plus here.


Rhythmedics overcomes the existing shortcomings of current Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) bioelectronic therapy devices by its novel blending of nature and technology that have been brought together for the first time. Rhythmedics presents a new approach with significant improvements that allow a simpler to use and lower cost consumer wellness instrument.

Rhythmedics® and Rhythmatiques® are registered trademarks of NuTesla’s founders.