Introduction to Rhythmedics®

1 Alzheimer diseaseRhythmedics® resonant frequency bioelectronic instruments are built on patented Scalar-PHI based frequency energy transfer techniques developed by NuTesla’s founders. These developments are the fruition of years of research and testing of integrative wellness technologies in response to personal health concerns. Rhythmedics is the latest generation of resonant frequency homeopathic therapy using well established Rife frequencies, simulating our body’s Circadian Rhythms to increase comfort, promote natural sleep and improve overall wellness.

2 Circadium Rhythms and our BiologyCircadian Rhythms are the results of our body’s internal, or biological, clocks regulated by the Suprachiasmatic Nuclei and governing our vital processes. As we age our biological clocks slow down and the rhythm wave forms tend to flatten out. As a result we experience less restorative sleep, less energy during waking periods, slowing down of our metabolism making it harder to maintain a healthy weight, and sluggish thought processes. Rhythmedics resonant frequency energies help to reestablish a more youthful and stable internal clock with its unique patented Bio-Pulses.

3 Fibonacci Sequence in Nature Quartz CrystalRhythmedics Scalar-PHI resonant frequency energies are derived from a Fibonacci number Quartz Crystal. The Fibonacci sequence was discovered by Leonardo of Pisa, Italy who was the son of an Italian diplomat. He traveled throughout the Far East to expand his knowledge of higher mathematics around 1200 AD, and is credited with discovering this naturally occurring number series where the previous two numbers are added to create the next number in the sequence; e.g. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. This Fibonacci sequence can be seen throughout nature as in the arrangements of seeds in a sunflower pod, the number of petals in flowers, or the spirals of a pine cone. This is also known as the Golden Sequence.

4 Divine Proportion - Vitruvian ManAs the Fibonacci number sequence grows the ratio between two adjacent values approaches the Divine Proportion known as Phi (pronounced fee) being the ratio of 1.618 to 1. The Divine Proportion also exists throughout nature. It can be seen in the increasing radii of the chambered nautilus and even in the proportions of the human body as illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man.

5 Quartz Crystal natural vibrationsQuartz crystal frequency standards are used in communications and computers for their inherent stability and accuracy as a timing element. When a small electrical current is passed through a precisely cut quartz crystal it vibrates at a fixed frequency. Large cut and uncut quartz crystals have been and continue to be used by spiritual healers, shamans, and esoteric practitioners as a natural tool in healing. Rhythmedics beautifully blends nature and technology by using the healing energies and inherent stability of a quartz crystal vibrating at a Fibonacci number frequency to generate Rife, Solfeggio and other healthy frequencies presented in a natural Circadian Rhythms in all NuTesla bioelectronic instruments. These natural vibrations are then delivered to the body though Bio-Pulses, a patented technique using Alternating Polarity ElectroMagnetic Pulses timed to precisely deliver the exact amount of energy for a given situation.

6 Protective BarrierAll Rhythmedics products generate an EMR barrier, aiding in the canceling of the harmful effects of EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) emanating from the myriad of electronic devices around us. The combination of reestablishing the body’s internal clock and canceling harmful EMR makes Rhythmedics products the most effective Scalar-PHI Bio-Pulse instruments available.

All NuTesla Rhythmedics Instruments feature Solfeggio frequencies, including the amazing 528 Hz. While you cannot hear the frequencies generated by Rhythmedics with your ears, your body does perceive the notes and responds accordingly. To learn more about Rhythmedics Bio-Pulse technologies and Circadian Rhythms use the Science heading in the navigation bar at the top of this page.