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Rhythmedics was developed by NuTesla as the next generation of bioelectronic instruments and are designed to assist the body by generating precise resonant frequencies using a variety of energy emitters. These resonant energies affect the informational energy systems of our bodies, helping achieve healthy homeostasis. Rhythmedics has been used and studied in a variety of therapeutic settings from massage and physical therapy to sleep problems and general muscle and joint pain. Studies have shown Rhythmedics to be effective in helping people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and awaken feeling refreshed and revitalized, in improving therapeutic response during massage and physical therapy and in reducing pain and inflammation. NuTesla does make any medical claims with regard to Rhythmedics abilities in these studies and it is left to the consumer to judge its application and effectiveness for your particular needs. Rhythmedics provides resonant frequency homeopathic therapy delivered in as patented Bio-Pulses.

1 Rhythmedics Science 265 175Background

There is a long history of using vibrational and resonant energies to improve a person’s well being[1]. The oldest forms of vibrational energy used for healing include sound, light, heat, and touch. Homeopathic preparations are based on transferring the vibrational energy from toxic substances to a person through a harmless medium. And, for more than two centuries since the discoveries of Galvani, Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla and others, electromagnetic waves have been used for diagnosing, treating and healing therapies.

2  Rhythmedics Science 199 197High energy electromagnetic therapy devices create an ionizing field to destroy parasitic organisms, pathogens or unhealthy cellular structures; sometimes to the detriment of healthy cells and organs. This includes Gamma rays used in radiation therapy, and to some lesser extent high energy plasma and neon tubes used in some Rife machines.

Lower energy devices use the non-ionizing portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to restore the body’s natural frequencies to healthy ones by superimposing strong wave energies for short periods of time with repeated applications. Even lower energy devices use subtle waves of energy to help the body heal itself gradually.

Smiling hispanic girl with laptop lying on grassRhythmedics products work in the non-ionizing range, but go beyond other subtle energy devices by blending nature and technology in a unique informational energy patented method called Bio-Pulses.

The uses of alternative, complementary and integrative Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices have been acknowledged by the medical industry in the United States as being beneficial in specific healing situations[2] [3]. The American Medical Association has created a working group to study alternative therapies as a result of a survey that showed over half of all Americans who receive traditional medical care also use alternative therapies and practitioners. The National Institute for Health includes Complementary therapies in its areas of study.

Some devices have made their way into mainstream medicine, such as cold lasers which are becoming commonplace for treating skin imperfections, or the well known TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices to relieve pain and relax muscles.

Magnetic fields have been shown to increase the production of osteoblasts which speeds the repair of broken bones, with some physicians placing fixed magnets in the protective casting material placed over the set, broken bone. Bio-magnets are another popular alternative therapy device, now available in shoes and other clothing and even in jewelry.

Today there are thousands of subtle-energy and electromagnetic therapy devices available for purchase[4]. Even NASA has explored and reported on the benefits of this technology in nerve and tissue regeneration[5] and has patented an application in this field[6]. NASA’s research showed that a combination of energy modalities was required to cause a positive biological change. Rhythmedics uses mixed energy modalities as one of its unique features.

Scientific American magazine reported in April of 2004 about bipolar disorder patients who underwent Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of their brains experienced spontaneous healing from the exposure to the MRI’s high magnetic fields. Others who have had joint or arthritis problems have also reported reduced inflammation and less pain following exposure to the high magnetic fields used in MRIs.

Even with all the reported health benefits, concerns have been raised over the safety of electromagnetic therapy devices due to the confusing issues of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution from high tension power lines in populated areas. It has been established that prolonged exposure to even weak EM Fields containing a single frequency, sinusoidal wave for extended periods of times, usually years, has been detrimental to the health of humans[7] [8]. One US Patent issued proposed to create a protective field by superimposing a ‘confusing’ EMF environment to ‘fool’ the body’s cells[9], thereby protecting them from the harmful affects of household and industrial EM pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 1987 that at least 5 Gauss at 60 hertz (60 cycles per second, which is the frequency of the AC power lines in our homes) is required to bring about a biological change.

Rhythmedics’ Alternating Polarity Magnetic fields are 1,000 times weaker than the lowest safe level reported by the WHO. For this reason, Rhythmedics is classified as a homeopathic bioelectronic instrument.

The Body Electric

Rhythmedics Bio-Pulse Therapy Products are conceived and developed based on a long history of research and practical applications of vibrational and electromagnetic energies as they relate to the human body. To understand how Rhythmedics works it’s necessary to first build a foundation of understanding our bodies as Energy Systems.

The atoms, molecules, cells and organs within all living organisms have unique vibrational frequencies. One source of these frequencies is from the spinning of electrons around the nucleus of each atom in every cell of our body. When a part of the body’s energy system is out of balance, i.e. at the wrong frequency, illness occurs. Injuries to the body also result in changes to the energy pathways and create out of balance vibrations. If the body is not restored to its natural balance it adjusts to the new environment, usually to the detriment of the body.

Rhythmedics works to restore the body’s healthy, normal vibrational energies by transferring specific frequencies through a unique energy transfer mechanism using subtle Alternating Polarity Magnetic fields called Bio-Pulses, and in some devices multiple light energies. In this way Rhythmedics supports the body’s own systems.

Mainstream western medicine views the body as an energy system. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is used in the medical field to provide detailed images of the body in whole or in part.[10] MRI uses the body’s own energy fields to accomplish this. MRI works by first placing a person inside a very strong magnetic field, measured in units called Teslas. A Tesla is equal to 10,000 Gauss, the familiar unit of magnetic field strength. A Tesla is about 20,000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field that surrounds us daily which averages about 0.5 Gauss (or about 500 milliGauss).

The typical magnetic field of an MRI machine is from 2-4 Teslas when used for people and up to 10 Teslas and higher for biological samples. When a person is placed inside the MRI machine the atoms of the body align their rotational axis in relation to the strong magnetic field created by the MRI machine. This means the electrons spinning around the nucleus of each atom in the body spin in the same direction, and each atom’s axis pointing the same way.

A high frequency radio wave is then emitted into a part of the body which knocks the atoms off their axis as they absorb the resonant portion of the radio wave. Each atom has its own unique resonant radio wave frequency, dependent upon the strength of the magnetic field in which it is placed. After being knocked off axis the strong magnetic field causes the atoms to return to their magnetized axis. In so doing, they return the energy absorbed from the radio wave. The MRI machine captures this returned energy.

This process is repeated until enough energy ‘pictures’ are captured to create an image, with the aid of a computer, of the body. The final image viewed by the radiologist is actually a picture of the energy returned by the hydrogen atoms in the body.

Infrared spectroscopy is another energy body imaging system used in medicine and molecular research. Unlike MRIs, this method works because each atom, cell and molecule within the body will absorb, instead of reflect, a specific wavelength of infrared energy. Multiple ‘pictures’ are again taken, but this time the lack of reflected energy indicates the type and location of atom, cell or molecule being studied. The use of infrared spectroscopy has helped researchers map the actual structure of cells and molecules, including DNA strands and protein chains in biological samples, unlocking many of the secrets of life.

Rhythmedics products produce subtle energy waves many millions of times weaker than those used in medical imaging. However, Rhythmedics frequencies are based upon the same resonant frequencies used in medical imaging, adjusted for the lower magnetic field of the earth in which we live. Further, the energy waves emitted support the body’s own natural Circadian rhythms occurring during normal sleep and waking periods.

The Rhythms of Life

Circadian rhythms are the result of our internal biological clocks that run approximately on a 24 hour cycle.[11] During sleep these rhythms can be monitored by observing brainwave activity. Scientists have observed there are ranges of brainwave frequencies occurring during sleep. These have been categorized into four stages of sleep plus the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage where dreaming occurs. The diagram below shows a typical sleep pattern following the Circadian rhythms. Note during normal sleep the brain’s activity goes through several cycles of REM and Non-REM sleep.

During REM cycles, or the dream cycles of sleep, the body does most of its own natural healing. Stages 3 and 4, or deep sleep, is when physically restorative sleep occurs. Infants spend most of their sleep in REM cycles. Persons with IQs below 80 typically do not experience REM sleep. As we age our sleep cycles tend to flatten. We spend less time in both REM and deep sleep, resulting in less healing and creative sleep and less regenerative sleep.

Rhythmedics sleep products support the body’s natural Circadian Rhythms by generating informational magnetic waves, or Bio-Pulses, and are in the same range of frequencies as brainwaves during natural sleep. This creates an entrainment process, which increases the time spent in both deep sleep and healing, creative REM sleep. Further, Rhythmedics sleep products adds specific frequencies, boosting the body’s own healing and regenerative processes. The result is a natural sleep cycle with improved rest, circulation, muscle tone, and mental clarity.

Blending Nature and Technology

The heart of all Rhythmedics products is a precise frequency generator utilizing a quartz crystal vibrating at a Fibonacci number frequency. Fibonacci numbers were discovered by Leonardo of Pisa, Italy. He was the son of an Italian diplomat who traveled throughout the Far East around 1200AD to expand his knowledge of higher mathematics, principally algebra. He is credited with discovering the Fibonacci sequence, a number sequence occurring throughout nature where the previous two numbers are added to create the next number in the sequence; such a sequence would be 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. This number sequence can be seen throughout nature as in the arrangements of seed spirals in a sunflower, the number of petals in many flowers, the spirals of a pine cone, and so forth.

As the number sequence continues, the ratio between two adjacent values approaches the Divine Proportion, known as Phi (pronounced fee) being the ratio of 1.618. This ratio also exists throughout nature. It can be seen in the increasing radii of the chambered nautilus and even in the proportions of the human body as illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man.

An organization studying DNA, realized strands considered to be ‘junk DNA’, that is DNA which could not be translated into genetic information or related to known protein synthesis, contained ratios of nucleotides (the ladder steps of the DNA double helix chain) which, when sorted by the atomic weight of their bio-atoms (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen), equaled Fibonacci numbers. Thus, even within the basic building blocks of our bodies Fibonacci sequences and Phi exists at a primal level. These and other personal insights led to understanding the fundamental frequency from which all subsequent therapeutic frequencies would be derived must be based upon a natural Fibonacci number.

Naturally Healthy

Rhythmedics uses a quartz crystal as its base timing element. While quartz crystals have been used for years for their inherent stability and accuracy as a timing element in many applications from radios to computers, they have an even longer history of being used in healing predating the electro-industrial age. Spiritual healers, shamans, and esoteric practitioners have used, and continue to use, crystals in various forms for a multitude of healing situations. The quartz crystal has been used most frequently to heal sick and injured people, by aligning the natural energies of the quartz crystal with the ailing or injured portion of the person until the misaligned energies are brought back into harmony with the whole.

Rhythmedics uses quartz crystals with fundamental frequencies as close as possible to Fibonacci numbers to generate the natural Circadian Rhythms and healthy frequencies used in all the products. Thus, the entire system utilizes naturally healthy energies and sequences to beautifully blend nature and technology into a powerful therapeutic instrument. By combining a wide spectrum of energy modalities and a more effective energy transfer mechanism NuTesla has been able to develop a superior Bio-Pulse Therapy system available at a lower price than other PEMF instruments.

In addition to products used during sleep, Rhythmedics has been applied to the fields of physical therapy and used extensively in massage. In this application, higher frequencies and higher magnetic fields are used to relax muscles and increase comfort. Rhythmedics creates a cocoon of healthy energies surrounding the client and therapist, allowing the therapist to connect with client’s energy field much faster and resolve the client’s muscular complaints more effectively.


Rhythmedics overcomes the existing shortcomings of current electromagnetic therapy devices by its novel blending of nature and technology that have been brought together for the first time. Rhythmedics presents a new approach with significant improvements that allow a simpler to use and lower cost consumer device.

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Rhythmedics® is a registered trademark of NuTesla’s founders
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