Rhythmedics® Circadian Rhythms

The True Rhythm of Life

All of us have internal clocks regulated by the Suprachiasmatic Nuclei which in turn governs our sleep, energy levels, metabolism, our ability to stay focused and alert and even basic cellular processes essential for life.  They help get us going in the morning, slow us down at night and regulate the myriad of microcellular processes occurring right now in our bodies.

As we age our internal clocks slow down. Our energy drops, we sleep less, it’s harder to stay focused and we become more susceptible to illnesses.  Aging isn’t the only problem.  Manmade electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from personal electronics, Wi-Fi, cell phones and other radio waves can interfere with our clock.  Our internal clocks were designed to get reset each morning by waking to the rising sun.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most of us. Instead manmade sounds and energy waves jolt us awake.  Then, throughout the day our bodies are bombarded with even more EMR from cell phones, laptops, PDAs, Smart-Meters, Radio and TV transmissions, even our automobiles.

All these chaotic EMR signals confuse our internal clocks.  The result is more stress, less patience, more difficulty staying awake, less restful sleep and more weakness.  We can literally grow old too soon.  And the more we try to fix it with energy drinks and caffeine makes the next slump even worse and disturbs our sleep even more.  A vicious cycle soon develops where a bad day follows a bad night, followed by another bad day and so on, until we hit the wall.  It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Father Time

Dr. Franz Halberg coined the term “Circadian Rhythm” in the 1950’s, as a result of his studies in what became Chronobiology.  He found our bodies have a repeating cycle, a rhythm lasting about (circa) a day (dian).  He measured these rhythms using the body’s core temperature and levels of activity and referred to the shorter daily waking and sleeping cycles as Ultradian Rhythms.  Sleep centers use EEGs (ElectroEncephaloGraphy) to record brainwave activity during our sleeping ultradian rhythms.

Circadium Rhythm Sleep Stages Grapic

Just as we have multiple sleep cycles at night, we have multiple waking cycles during the day.  We’ve all experienced those mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps.  It’s natural to have highs and lows during the day, just as it’s natural to have multiple deep sleep periods, each followed by a dreaming period when we sleep.  Our bodies need both the highs and lows.  Deep sleep and daily lows allow our muscles and minds to relax and rebuild.  Dream periods and daily highs get both our muscles and minds going and boost our creativity.

Dr. Halberg discovered the biological processes for producing essential proteins, which are the building blocks of our bodies, are only produced at the start of each ultradian cycle.  He proposed medications include a ‘time-stamp’ as to when it should be taken to be most effective.

EMR Interferes with Our Biological Clock

Dr. Halberg also discovered how strong forms of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) could affect and interfere with our biological clocks, impeding the body’s ability to grow and heal. As wireless communications expand, as our lives become more entangled with personal electronics we carry with us, as incandescent lamps give way to compact fluorescent bulbs, and Smart-Meters and other Wi-Fi devices proliferate we surround ourselves with increasing amounts of chaotic EMR.

While the debate continues as to whether a cell phone may or may not cause cancer, its EMR can interfere with our internal clocks and prevent our bodies from producing the proteins necessary to fight off the naturally occurring aberrant cells that can develop into cancer. We need to keep our clocks running on time and prevent harmful EMR from interfering with them so our bodies can repair and grow. You can read more about Frequencies that Heal and Frequencies that Kill here.

The Solution

The solution is Rhythmedics® by NuTesla. All Rhythmedics bioelectronic instruments use a Fibonacci Frequency Quartz Crystal and a miniature computer chip to generate precise “Bio-Pulses” which gently reestablish your body’s natural rhythms throughout the day and night and interrupt harmful EMR. Bio-Pulses are patented pulses of short, alternate polarities of magnetic flux which resonate with your body’s natural vibrations.  Bio-Pulses are emitted in opposite directions, both into and away from your body. The pulses going away from your body interrupt potentially harmful EMR.

As we age our Ultradian Rhythms flattens out; our highs and lows are clipped.  We get less deep physically restorative sleep, less mentally creative dream sleep, and lower energy during the day.  Rhythmedics helps restore a more active, healthy and youthful rhythm to your life.  Sleep is more restorative, Days are more energetic, and the mind is clearer and more attentive.

Rhythmedics is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of research, testing and development, using patented technologies all towards the goal of creating a simple way to protect and help our body heal itself.  Our bodies are the real miracles, able to heal and grow, overcome adversity, and adapt to almost any situation.  The key is keeping our internal clocks running on-time without false signals to confuse it, so we can move through our days and nights naturally.

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