I raised five boys and a girl, and often joked that my daughter was more trouble than her five brothers combined. They were all different people, each with his or her own unique talents and challenges. iStock_000007872775XSmallYet one difference stood out, how their sleep patterns changed when puberty struck. And it affected my sons more than my daughter. I didn’t need a clinical study to tell me what was happening, their internal clocks were shifting, making it harder to fall asleep at night and even harder to stay awake and attentive during the day. Anyone experiencing such hormonal changes, whether it’s puberty, menopause or veropause for men (and yes it’s real), knows this feeling of being out of control of your own body.

Whether you raised or even interacted with pubescent teenagers, or remember your own teenage years, you can identify with this plight of seeming not to care and unwillingness to even try to sleep at night and the difficulty with doing school work during the day. Even the smartest teens struggle with this, but not turning in homework is a formula for failure. It doesn’t have to be this way. The first key is getting a good night’s sleep, and Somnius for simply sleeping turned it around for my two youngest sons. I only wish I had invented Somnius sooner as it would have made life in the Honeycutt household smoother for their older siblings.

We talked about what was happening and how together with Somnius we could addresses Somnius_SlipItUndertheir apparent insomnia without pharmaceuticals. Somnius was placed under their pillows and left plugged in so as soon as their heads hit their pillows its Bio-Pulses started helping their internal clock shift into healthy sleep patterns. Tensions reduced and grades improved. Full sleep cycles are essential for our bodies to recover each night and to stay healthy. And not only for teens, this study shows an increase in Alzheimer’s for adults who sleep poorly.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the first step in restoring our body’s internal clock. Another common teenage challenge is staying attentive and focused during the day when attempting to study. Their bodies are constantly going through tremendous changes and again Rhythmedics can make a difference. Clarius is the daytime companion to Somnius, by generating focus and awareness enhancing Bio-Pulses while studying.

Like most parents we wonder how our children can do homework with music playing, as our brains find it distracting. Music plays a significant role in providing a rhythm to the wild internal changes teenagers are experiencing. Calrius_InUseWhen we tell them to turn it off, they look at us and say it helps and we just don’t get it. They are half right on both accounts. The music is filling an internal void in their shifting physiological clock, but the lyrics and some of the rhythms are more disturbing than helpful. Clarius is the right alternative.

Clarius plugs into a laptop’s USB port for power and emits noninvasive Bio-Pulses, helping to restore our body’s internal clock and elevate our brainwaves into the active beta range, which is more conducive to effective study. Clarius also has preset programs to help with relaxation and meditation as well as studying.

Somnius and Clarius offer a complete 24×7 solution to help struggling teenagers stay on track and regain some control at a time in their lives when sleep and control are otherwise elusive. IF you don’t have access to a USB port or wall power, NuTesla has rechargeable battery powered instruments available as well.

Metronome is a battery powered Rhythmedics instrument that provides all the features of Somnius and Clarius into one pocket-sized package. Metronome can provide several days and nights of re-synchronizing Bio-Pulse programs, and then recharged in a few hours while plugged into a USB port.

For even greater portability, Pendulum Plus provides a wearable instrument, which is worn like a pendant, and only requires recharging once a week. Pendulum features a motion and position sensor so it automatically adjusts to provide awake energies when being worn and sleep energies when it’s lying under your pillow.

iStock_000008268946XSmallNow that I have grandchildren they are the new beneficiaries of these amazing technologies as their uncles, aunts and parents are. Five generations of Honeycutt family members have experienced the health benefits of Rhythmedics, from my grandmother to my grandchildren. Isn’t it time you and your family experience the benefits of Rhythmedics in your lives as well?