Safety of Rhythmedics® Instruments

Rhythmedics® instruments are always safe when used as directed. They produce Extremely Low Frequency (below 3 KHz), Alternating Polarity Magnetic Bio-Pulses, and some have Infrared and Visible Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). None of our instruments produce any measurable electrical or radio fields, nor do they produce any ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI). All instruments have been tested to ensure their magnetic flux emission levels are well below the most conservative levels. NuTesla, LLC has also tested in vitro with Guidant® implantable cardiac pacers and defibrillators to verify non-interference. While there are no US federal safety standards for bio-magnetic instruments such as Rhythmedics there are studies which have established guidelines.

n 1987 the World Health Organization (WHO) completed a study titled “Environmental Health Criteria 69 – Magnetic Fields”. WHO correlated intensity of the magnetic field to the frequency, yielding a frequency weighted dosage, and establishing 4 levels of exposure. A Gauss is the common measurement for magnetic fields. For reference, the earth’s magnetic field, to which we are continuously exposed is approximately one-half of a Gauss, and is a static field. The WHO findings are summarized below:

As can be seen in the table above, when applying the frequency weighting criteria of the WHO study, Rhythmedics products are below the safest levels. In 1996 – 98 the University of Washington did further studies on electromagnetic fields, and added duration of exposure to intensity and frequency weighting used by WHO. The UW was concerned lower levels of exposure, over a long enough period of time, could become harmful. The UW report stated the lowest safe level for 60 Hz, pure sinusoidal waves of magnetic fields is 10 Gauss for 1 hour. Rhythmedics Bio-Pulses are not sinusoidal waves, but precise square waves that vary in frequency over time. Rather than creating potentially dangerous EMI, all Rhythmedics instruments actually disrupt potentially dangerous EMI fields from other manmade sources.

The most conservative safety levels for EMI exposure are found in Sweden, where they hold to a standard of 2 thousandths of a Gauss for continually exposure. Again this is for pure 50 or 60 Hz sinusoidal waves, not for time and frequency varying square waves emitted by Rhythmedics. In a recent Federal Communications Commission study on the safety of radio transmissions and studying the effects of the resulting magnetic fields produced by these transmissions, the FCC excluded any emissions below 3,000 cycles per second (3 Kilo Hertz or KHz). Rhythmedics products only use frequencies below this limit.


Rhythmedics instruments’ emissions are all below the lowest safety levels established by the WHO, and over one hundred times lower than the level where health concerns have been observed. Rhythmedics Professional products produce less than one third of the safest UW established magnetic flux levels for one hour of exposure, and use time-varying square waves of multiple frequencies below 3K Hz to prevent any possibility of over exposure for longer periods. Further, Rhythmedics disrupts EMI from other manmade sources.

Independent in vivo studies of embryos and fetuses have shown a possibility of cellular damage during mitosis (rapid cell division and growth) when exposed to strong electromagnetic fields and thus electromagnetic devices should not be used by women who are or may become pregnant without the supervising physician’s approval. Additionally, the mother’s heart pumps life-giving blood throughout her body, which contains iron (which is why red blood cells are red), and creates a continuously flowing circuit of energy, producing its own magnetic field surrounding the fetus. The fetus also has its own, weaker, magnetic field. We would never want to supplant the mother’s own loving energy field, or the baby’s, with anything else during early fetal development.

Finally, while our testing and studies with Guidant implantable cardiac pacers and defibrillators showed Rhythmedics instruments caused no interference nor triggered any false events, persons with any implanted electronic device should only use Rhythmedics with the approval of the supervising physician.

Rhythmedics instruments are not medical devices and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any illness. Whenever using any biomagnetic device like Rhythmedics, always drink sufficient quantities of water to maintain a healthy level of hydration. Do not stop taking or make any changes in any medications when using Rhythmedics products without first consulting with the prescribing physician. Alcohol consumption may interfere with, or diminish the affects of Rhythmedics Bio-Pulses. These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.