We just posted a new video on YouTube and of an interview I recently did for the Lightworker Network on Autism and how Tesla Jewels is helping families and individuals improve their understanding of The New Kids. Autism is not a dis-order, and we need to expand our awareness of the gifts these unique individuals are bringing to all humanity to help heal the world. Tesla Jewels blend light energies in the visible spectrum with scalar Bio-Pulses in the invisible spectrum using Rife and Solfeggio frequencies to integrate all the aspects of our existence while helping to attract positive energies and repelling negative energies.

All NuTesla Instruments are inspired by the original resonant energy and frequency discoveries of Nikola Tesla. While the therapeutic use of electrical currents began long before Tesla, it was his discovery in the late 1880′s how alternating currents of high potential could be effectively applied in healing situations that Electromedicine emerged as a standard of medical practice. Unfortunately, one of Tesla’s greatest gifts to humanity was quashed by those who could not understand the simplicity of its operations and influences on living bodies.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, one of the premier physicians and authors studying electromedicine, wrote in 2004, “We are now in the process of revising the past century’s biochemical concept, under which all major life processes are chemical in nature, to one that proposes that such processes are electromagnetic in nature.” And Stephen Hawking noted in A Brief History of Time, “the universal force of electromagnetism controls all biological response”.

This new blending of biology and electronics is now referred to as Bioelectronics. NuTesla continues to be a leader in this field, applying the wisdom of the ages with the latest technologies to address the health and wellness challenges of a changing world.

The Future of Medicine
NuTesla’s founders received a Christmas gift with the granting of our FIFTH patent on December 24th of last year for the yet to be announced Millennius (read more here). The development and testing of this electromedicine instrument is an even greater realization of the promises made by Nikola Tesla himself shortly before his passing when he announced to the world that he was about to introduce a medical instrument “that will be very small and light, operate noiselessly without any lubricant, consume a trifling amount of energy and will be, to my knowledge, the most beautiful device ever put on the market.”

Millennius doesn’t replace our current bioelectronic instruments, it is built on their foundation towards the goal of a newer drug-free method to apply Tesla’s resonant energies discoveries addressing serious and chronic conditions. Metronome is available now and clicking here.