Warranty, Service and Parts

Authorized Service and Replacement Parts for Rhythmedics Instruments

All NuTesla Rhythmedics instruments are warranted to be free of manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase.  Your instrument is automatically registered when purchased; there are no warranty cards to return. 

Replacement Power Adapter, Programming and Power Cable are available for order at the bottom of this page

During the warranty period all software upgrades and updates are provided through the Instrument Console webpage at no charge for the customer to download, unzip and transfer to the Rhythmedics flash-drive as instructed on that webpage.

If your instrument is covered by an original or extended warranty and is not operating properly please contact NuTesla Support either by leaving a voice message on 1+(910) NUTESLA (688.3752), or by sending an email to support@nutesla.com. Do not send your instrument to NuTesla before receiving a Support Authorization Number (SAN) to ensure your instrument service is handled quickly and securely.

It is the responsibility of the customer to properly pack and ship an instrument to NuTesla for repairs. A padded mailing envelope provides adequate protection from damage during transit. DO NOT RETURN THE USB POWER ADAPTER OR CABLE WHEN SENDING YOUR INSTRUMENT IN FOR REPAIRS.

If your warranty has expired, NuTesla offers two options to assist you. The first option is for warranty renewals for working instrument and the second option is for non-working instruments that need to be repaired

Option 1 – One Year Warranty Extension

Select this option if your instrument is working. This will renew the warranty for one year from the date the extension is purchased and provides you access to the latest firmware updates and preset programs. If your instruments fails during the extended warranty period NuTesla will either repair or replace your instrument for only the cost of mailing the instrument to NuTesla support.

The USB power adapter and cable are not covered by extended warranties. They are both industry standard Mini-B adapters and readily available at most electronics stores or by ordering at the bottom of this page.

Select Instrument Type
Serial Number, if known


Option 2 – Repair, Update and Re-certification Service with One Year Warranty Extension

Select this option if your instrument is not functioning and you would like to have it repaired (or replaced if it cannot be repaired), updated with the latest firmware and re-certified to ensure it is operating at its peak performance.  This service renews the warranty for one year from the date your updated and re-certified instrument is returned to you. A new USB Power Adapter is included in this service option.

Select Instrument Type to be Repaired
Serial Number if known


To extend your instrument’s warranty and optionally have it repaired select the appropriate option above and complete the purchase. For shipments outside the USA a phone number is required and the customs declaration must indicate it is an item being returned for repair and the country of origin is the US.

If you purchase either Option above, NuTesla support will contact you via email with a Service Authorization Number (SAN) to be included on the shipping label to NuTesla.

Do not send your instrument to NuTesla for servicing without first receiving a Service Authorization Number (SAN) from NuTesla. Contact NuTesla support either by leaving a voice message on 1+(910) NUTESLA (688.3752), or by sending an email to support@nutesla.com. Once you have received a Service Authorization Number (SAN) and the appropriate service center address for your instrument, properly pack the instrument to prevent damage in transit and only ship with a tracking number, such as USPS Delivery Confirmation. The label must include the Service Authorization Number (SAN).

It is the responsibility of the customer to properly pack and ship the instrument to NuTesla for repairs with the SAN marked on the label. NuTesla will pay for the return shipping of the instrument to the customer. If you want your instrument returned via other than First Class Mail, there will be an additional charge.


Replacement USB Power Adapter with Mini-B plug

USB 5V Mini-B Power Adapter

International Power Adapter
100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz Input
5 VDC 500 MilliAmp Output
Mini-B USB Plug
Does NOT include international prong adapter
$12.50 Plus Economy Shipping.


Programming and Power Cable

USB A to Mini-B Programing Cable

USB Type A to Mini-B Programming and auxiliary Power Cable
Connects Instruments to Computer USB port
Does NOT include Power Adapter
$8.50 Plus Economy Shipping

The address for NuTesla Global Support is:
NuTesla Global Support
13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd
Ste C8-171
Vancouver, WA 98684 USA
Phone 1+910.688.3752