Rhythmedics® Metronome™

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Professional Rife Wellness Therapy combined with EMR interruption

Rhythmedics Metronome™ is the most advanced pocket-sized Scalar-PHI Bio-Pulse therapy instrument available and uses our latest technology and software to generate Rife and Solfeggio based Bio-Pulses that are 200 times more efficient in using the available energy, thus allowing a compact rechargeable battery to operate it. The Professional version includes EIGHT preset health and wellness programs with Critical Flicker Fusion Wellness testing and EMR Detector. Using higher frequencies and greater Bio-Pulse energies, Metronome delivers amazing Rife based therapeutic relief quickly to any area of the body. It can operate for up to 18 hours on a single overnight charge via a USB power port. Metronome uses Rhythmedics patented Bio-Pulses derived from its Fibonacci Number Frequency Quartz Crystal to quickly address the most stubborn symptoms.

Achieve New Heights in Personal Wellness

Providing day and night wellness with EMR interruption


When you need to do more than just maintain your health, take charge with Rhythmedics Metronome. Achieve new heights in personal wellness with the latest pocket-sized Rife frequency Bio-Pulse instrument. Metronome is loaded with professional health and sleep programs to assist you in achieving your wellness goals day and night.

NuTesla is releasing the latest version of Metronome with significant improvements to accelerate your wellness regimen. We’ve increased the Bio-Pulse power output to twice the original levels, extending Metronome’s therapeutic field. Secondly, when Metronome is connected to its charging source, the Bio-Pulse output level is doubled again, yielding 4 times the therapeutic benefits of the original version.

In addition to Metronome’s Expanded Comfort, Body Blaster Wellness and Rife Frequency Focused Wellness programs, Metronome now features two sleep programs, Deeper Sleep and Deepest Sleep, as found on our popular Somnius sleep instrument, so you can use Metronome day and night. We’ve also added the Clarius AlphaWave Dream Machine and Euphoria programs to give users an opportunity to explore expanded dream states including Lucid Dreaming, as well as reaching deeper levels of relaxation.

These enhancements are available to current Metronome users whose instrument is under warranty at no cost. If your Metronome is more than a year old and you’ve not extended the warranty you can do so on this webpage.

Personal Wellness and EMR Interruption in a portable, pocket-sized instrument


Exposure of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) from wireless and electrical devices around us is increasing daily. Smart Power Meters in our homes are coming under fire for exposing occupants to harmful EMR. Even healthy individuals are being put at risk by this growing cloud of E-smog.

The results are more stress, less patience, deeper slumps in energy, more difficulty staying awake, less restful sleep and more illness. And there doesn’t seem to be anyway to avoid the exposure. We can see hear it, see it or feel it, yet intuitively we sense something is wrong. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Rhythmedics Metronome by NuTesla, represents the most powerful compact wellness instrument for Rife based wellness and interruption of unwanted electromagnetic radiation (EMR). While doctors and scientists debate about how EMR causes health problems, NuTesla has discovered interrupting these signals from casual exposure is an effective means to combat their ill effects. Click here to read more about this study.

A super-capacity, eco-friendly Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery operates Metronome both day and night between charges. Metronome generates Bio-Pulses; (US Patents 8,088,057 and 8,167,784) Fibonacci number derived frequencies delivered in ultradian sequences. Metronome uses our latest internal technology and software to generate Bio-Pulses that are 200 times more efficient in using the available energy, thus allowing a compact rechargeable battery to operate it. Multiple preset programs are available for use when awake, sleeping, resting, meditating, and studying. Special Wellness programs utilizing broad spectrum Rife frequencies are available as well.

Metronome now includes an integrated EMR Detector to identify EM Hot Spots. Rhythmedics® patented Scalar-PHI Rife Frequency Bio-Pulses™, precise alternating polarity electromagnetic square waves following natural Circadian Rhythm patterns derived from a Fibonacci fundamental frequency quartz crystal, create a field of wellness energies to counteract the EMR surrounding us. Bio-Pulses, using Rife and Solfeggio frequencies, are emitted in a torus (donut) shaped field that extends several feet around Metronome, to aid in the interruption of EMR.

Metronome also includes NuTesla’s Personal Wellness Number measuring and therapy, using Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF) to gauge your personal wellness and to improve immunity to EM mind control signals. Frequency sliding transitions between Rife program steps support harmonic resonances for an even broader spectrum of healthy energies.

Keep Pace with the Rhythm of Life

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Whether you are running a marathon, running your own business or running the kids to soccer practice, you need the performance edge of Metronome, giving you the power to get ahead of the curve and the competition. Rhythmedics Metronome represents the cutting edge of compact Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy instruments featuring Rhythmedics® patented technology to deliver Circadian Rhythm based Bio-Pulses to improve you concentration, boost your energy and help you stay relaxed and focused all day long and as well as during sleep.

MEtronome V5-3 Front Clean

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Here is a brief video explaining what comes with your Metronome Pro and how to initially set it up.

For more instructional and informational videos on Metronome Pro visit MyMetronome.

Metronome Pro User Guide V4-5

Already own a Metronome and want the latest Firmware? Click Here! to download the firmware and User Guides for all our products, or visit Metronome’s website


Compact 3/8” thick by 2 1/2 inches square, pocket-sized powerhouse of precision Bio-Pulse Scalar Wave Rife therapy operated by LiPoly rechargeable battery powering a patented Fibonacci number Quartz Crystal driven high-power Bio-Pulse emitter array and Spectrum LED for program and status indication. The eight included preset programs provide coverage for most health and wellness needs.

All NuTesla Instruments feature Rhythmedics® patented Scalar-PHI Rife Frequency Bio-Pulses™ which are comprised of precise alternating polarity electromagnetic square waves following natural Circadian Rhythm patterns derived from a Fibonacci fundamental frequency quartz crystal. The Rife frequency programs can be customized via NuTesla’s proprietary flash drive interface. Bio-Pulses aid in the interruption of potentially harmful EMI. All instruments include Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF) Wellness Number measurement to gauge your personal wellness as well as a therapy program customized to your measured Wellness Number. Frequency sliding transitions between Rife program steps support harmonic resonances for an even broader spectrum of healthy energies. Designed and built in the USA with the highest quality materials, including heavy gold plating for all component contacts and integrated Sacred geometry using gold embedded in the Bio-Pulses pathway, all instruments come with a one year limited warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.


Metronome is designed to be used in mobile application and can be carried in your pocket or purse. When in use it should be placed in close proximity to, or directly on, the body.. Metronome is recharged using a Standard USB to Mini-B cable, and a single overnight charge provide 8 hours a day of service for a week.

Preset Programs

Metronome comes with eight Preset Programs, and additional programs can be supplemented.

Power Supply

4 Volt NiMH power-cell recharged using either a 5V USB wall transformer, or from a computer’s USB port delivered over a Mini-B connector.

Controls and Indicators

Metronome features a Spectrum Light Emitting Diode (SLED) on the top of the instrument and two dome pushbutton switches on the bottom. A green LED indicates power has been applied to the instrument. The two dome pushbutton switches on the back are labeled START and SELECT.


The START pushbutton is used to start and control Metronome. The SELECT button is used to change the running program to one of the other programs. Metronome always ‘remembers’ the last running program and restarts that program whenever started. When starting, Metronome will flash the SLED in order from Red to White and then flash the running program LED one time, followed by a battery level color flash. When stopping Metronome the program LEDs flash in reverse order from White to Red and a battery charge level indication.

Critical Flicker Fusion

To activate CFF the user presses the START dome pushbutton switch on the bottom to Start Metronome and then presses and holds the Start Switch a second time for 3 to 5 seconds to begin the CFF Testing. Metronome is now be held close to the user’s face with the red SLED directly in front of the user’s dominant eye. The CFF program is started when the red SLED appears to be lit continuously. When the user sees the red SLED begin to flicker the START dome pushbutton switch is pressed again to stop the test. The CFF rate (Wellness Number) is then displayed as a series of LED (white and blue) flashes for a two digit number from 01 to 99. The value for zero is represented by a flickering of the appropriate LED. The user should record his or her CFF rate for comparison to previous and future measurements.

Customer Updates

Metronome’s Preset Programs can be updated by the customer using a NuTesla’s proprietary flash-drive interface. Metronome should be connected to your computer’s USB port while pressing and holding down the START pushbutton. Metronome will then enumerate as a Rhythmedics flash-drive and a pop-up window should appear. Open the flash-drive and open the NuTesla.htm file that appears. This will redirect you to a secure area of the NuTesla website to allow you to download trial programs which are simply dropped on to the Rhythmedics Flash Drive.