One of the most remarkable breakthroughs in increasing your brain-power with minimal effort is called “The Quantum Cranial Advantage” (QCA). BrainAnd, it’s based on a feature already on all NuTesla instruments called Your Personal Wellness Number, which uses Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF). Recent academia studies using CFF have confirmed the power of this amazing tool. Standalone CFF measurement devices cost hundreds to thousands of dollars more than NuTesla’s instruments, all of which include CFF at no additional cost.

An explanatory video on how to take advantage of QCA, a little known secret, using the Personal Wellness Number feature to expand your cranium’s processing power in a quantum leap is in development. In the meantime, get familiar with using the Wellness Number feature by watching the ‘How To’ video for your NuTesla instrument available on its product website, using the links in the last paragraph of this posting, or by visiting Simply Flicker Fusion dot com and clicking on the link for your instrument’s ‘Info Video’ page and scrolling down to the less than 10 minutes instructional video on how to use the Wellness Number feature.

Quantum Cranial Processing (QCA) was discovered by US Air Force fighter pilots in the late 1970s using a small battery powered device developed originally in Germany by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, and modified by scientists and engineers in the US to counteract the Soviet’s attempts at mind-control with what was called the Russian Woodpecker Signal. The fighter pilots discovered they could dramatically decrease their response times, and increase the speed at which they could handle multiple sensory inputs. A recent study has proven a person’s CFF rate is a measurement of their brain’s processing power (see this article on QCA will be further explained in an upcoming posting and in the video which is underway.

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